About Ken Maxfield and The Maxfield Report

Ken brings more than twenty-five years of meat-packing experience to The Maxfield Report. He started his career in the cattle hide industry in 1991, trading big packer cattle hides for the world's largest meatpacker Iowa Beef Processors (now Tyson Fresh Meats). Ken traded cattle hides for nearly eleven years, progressing to the position of Sales Manager. It was during this time, Ken earned the respect of his colleagues, while becoming an expert on cattle hides.

In October of 2002, Ken departed Tyson to pursue a job as a market analyst responsible for reporting on cattle hide prices for The Jacobsen Publishing Company. Over the course of the next six years, Ken further developed his extensive global network of contacts, while evolving the reports he published on cattle hide and cowhide prices.

In September of 2008, Ken created The Maxfield Report. It is Ken's breadth of knowledge of the business, market contacts and holistic approach to the market that has allowed him to be considered the foremost leading market analyst covering cattle hide prices around the globe with a market reach of nearly 40 countries.