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Ken Offers The Most Precise View

The Maxfield Report is the industry's leading market report covering bovine hides. Our reports cover prices of US big packer cattle hides, US cow hides, as well as cattle hides from around the world. The global hide and leather industry considers The Maxfield Report the gold standard when reporting on bovine hides. Ken's 25 years’ experience trading and reporting on cattle hides, along with his global network of contacts is why the industry recognizes him as the world's leading market authority on bovine hides.

Ken is OUTSTANDING in his field.

Ken brings more than twenty-five years' meat-packing experience to The Maxfield Report. He started his career in the cattle hide industry in 1991, selling big packer cattle hides for the world's largest meatpacker Iowa Beef Processors (now Tyson Fresh Meats). Ken traded cattle hides for eleven years, progressing to the position of Sales Manager. It was during this time Ken earned the respect of his colleagues and gained his marketing expertise.

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Ken's reports are the most thorough and accurate reports aviailable. If you are in the hide and leather industry, you need The Maxfield Report.

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